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Following on from my previous article inspired by art, I did a little more research into graffiti art. Naturally I went online to do this and checked out some hashtags on instagram, It was here that I found the work of some London based graffiti artists called graffiti pros. 

What set them apart for me was the quality of their work that they showcase online, especially through their instagram account. I really liked all of the murals that they have done too!

Another source of information and inspiration for me this month was the bristol street art site. Although I have only been to Bristol a handful of times I know first hand of it’s extremely vibrant culture. So it is no surprise for me to find examples of street art here.

I don’t think I am quite ready to take my own leap into doing graffiti just yet, but who knows what the future might hold. You might just see me grabbing some paint and tagging up the street!

Though I am not quite sure what my wife would say!

Banksy Stencil


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Inspired by Art

Art has never really been something that has inspired me, or even instilled any sort of emotion. I’ve always been too caught up in my hectic family life or work to be able to appreciate it. Increasingly though, I have found myself really appreciating modern art.

I’m not sure where the change has come from? Maybe it’s because I’ve had a chance to slow down and see all the things around me in a new light. Whatever the reason, I’m glad that I have changed.


What first triggered it was the work of a very famous Graffiti artist, Banksy. If you haven’t seen his work before, you can do a quick search on Google images and you’ll be able to see for yourself how incredible it is.

I thing that it is the Guerrilla nature of graffiti ¬†that has really captured my interest. The simple fact that you shouldn’t be doing something is enough to spark my interest. But when you have an art form that is so anti-establishment and thrives from being performed under the cover of darkness. Where do I sign up?


Banksy Art


Another art form that has captured my imagination and for that matter inspired me, is illustration. Now, an illustration can be something as simply as a pencil drawing in a newspaper. For me, it is the simple illustrations that are the best and really captured my imagination.

I even came across a site called illustration friday, where people get given a topic every week to illustrate and can then submit their own work to the site. Though I am not quite brave enough to submit my own, yet.

illustration friday


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Old Friends

I can’t believe that I don’t get to see the people that I really care about in this world, other than my family, enough. It is absolutely heartbreaking that some of my closest friends actually live in the same city as me, but we never see each other.

It was only by chance that I bumped into my friend Hayden in the street. We almost knocked each other over as we bumped into one another. Hayden was someone that I spent all of my time with at university, however, as we got older we drifted apart. We went away and had young families and before we knew it, years had flown by.

Needless to say we quickly made plans to see each other and to get our wives involved as well. However all of this got me thinking, all too often we don’t take what is right in front of us and cherish it like we should.

From here on out I’m going to do my absolute best to see my friends more and to build memories for the future and not just of the past. I’ll let you know how meeting up with them goes.

Hopefully, we’ll have as much fun together now we’re older, as we did all those years ago.


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I was driving in my car today and the thought struck me that people really need to slow down. Everybody just seems to be a constant rush everywhere they’re going and I really don’t understand it.

I know we’ve all got places to be an things to be doing. But does overtaking me dangerously on country roads really help you get there any faster. I really don’t think it does.

I think we’ve lost sight of what’s important in life, what really matters. It certainly isn’t having a brand-new iPhone or beating everyone else to work. No, what’s important in life is appreciating that you are actually here on this planet and people really seem to have lost this.

I rally hope that I don’t loose sight of whats important in life, hopefully, you’ll all be the first to let me know if I do!

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New Beginnings

Because I’ve never seen myself as much of an activist, is always been pretty hard for me to relate with other people if they have extreme views. This blog in previous incarnations has always been a little on the extreme side focusing on issues such as anti war. It’s not that I’ve cast as all the side, in fact far from it.

This blog is still going to be a medium me to share my views with you, however, I’m also going to try and talk about topics other than anti-war. I want to share with you my opinions on art, music, how I deal with money and most importantly relationships.

Is not that I’ve lost my way. Really this just been a little bit of a change in my outlook on life. Try not to take things seriously nor am I getting into the arguments I used to get into. Now a lot has changed. I’m happily married, to a beautiful wife and I’ve got a fantastic son.

That’s about it for now, but am going to do my best to keep you up-to-date with how things are in my life. Hopefully, you will see that me writing about other things other than anti-war. I promise it really isn’t that bad!

Till next time.

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